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The Ameera. tray is designed to hold the full line of Satin Body skin care products for display at skin care classes, facials and unit meetings — including Silkening Shea Lotion, Revitalizing Shea Scrub, Indulgent Shea Wash.



The Bonnie Tray holds Arbonne’s Skin Care in application order.  Use this tray as a display tray, or even better, place this tray in your bathroom to create the perfect line of application with no questions.  This tray fits perfectly next to a sink or on most counter tops.

*Doesn’t stain

*Dishwasher safe

*not affiliated with any cosmetic company.  Skin Care Products not available, only tray.



The Kelli tray is designed to hold (16) 5ml or 15ml bottles of essential oils.  Place out your favorite oils and go to town mixing and making amazing oil combinations.  Spill oil on the tray?  No problem!  Throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out looking brand new.  We promise!

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