From high seas to steady service

With more than 17 years of experience serving hor d’oeuvres on the perpetually tumultuous seas of a cruise liner, weaving between packed banquet halls, and navigating through crowded elbow-to-elbow events, Chrissy Norvell decided she’d had enough.

She was fed up with the fact that by the time the last bite left the tray, it didn’t look like the carefully plated creation that first left the kitchen. Her frustration led to innovation, and Perfekt Pass Trays™ was born.

For the first time, any server can pick up a tray, walk through those swinging double doors, and not have the kitchen’s perfect presentation ruined three steps into the party. With Perfeckt Pass Trays™, the food will finally look as good as it tastes. Not only does it stay perfectly placed on the tray, each portion looks as good as every other, right up until the last guest is served – no more fighting not to roll your eyes when a guest chooses a vessel from the center of the tray!

You can pass any kind of vessel on Perfekt Pass Trays™ without worrying about them sliding, shifting or falling. And being able to use any kind vessel means you can serve every kind of food – your only limitation is your imagination.