catering trays

Perfekt Pass Trays™ LLC celebrated the launch of their brand of unique catering trays with a new website and new manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Fla. on Feb. 1, 2015.

Made specifically for the needs of caterers, Perfekt Pass Trays™ are strong, lightweight, easy-to-clean serving trays that are configured to hold commonly sized vessels. Each of the company’s 18 product lines is shaped to hold specific vessels, such as demi cups, shot glasses, square dishes, standing utensils or pop sticks.

Vessels are perfectly positioned inside the indents in Perfekt Pass Trays™, making it easy for chefs to create a beautiful presentation and for servers to pass hors d’oeurves until the last guest is served.

catering trays 2“With Perfekt Pass Trays™, you can pass any kind of vessel without worrying about glasses and dishes sliding, shifting or falling,” said Perfekt Pass Trays™ Founder and Owner Christine Norvell. “For the first time, any server can pick up a tray, walk through those swinging double doors, and the food will look as good as it tastes.”

Presentation is enhanced by the quality of Perfekt Pass Trays™, as each tray is lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A. The unique material used in Perfekt Pass Trays™ makes them nonbendable, free from warping, heat resistant to 250 degrees F, and dishwasher safe. Trays can also be cleaned with regular dish soap.

To celebrate the new year, the company is offering a special incentive: purchase two or more trays from our online store, and you’ll receive 10 percent off MSRP.

Perfekt Pass Trays™ are on sale now at For more information about Perfekt Pass Trays™, email or call (352) 408-7237.