Perfekt Pass Trays™ went on an adventure today when I auditioned for the TV show Shark Tank. Along with Pati and Janice, a friend from Flippin’ Good Cookies, I traveled to the open auditions in South Beach, Miami, to take a chance of a lifetime!

The lineup officially started at 9 a.m., but of course I got there an hour early. Thank Goodness, because there were already 300 people in line. The real fun didn’t begin until I was given a time to return for my audition at 1:30 p.m. – it was amazing to see 700 different people with 700 different ideas!

From expanding luggage to exercise equipment to offroad skateboards, entrepreneurs and inventors had an amazing array of products to pitch. One Shark Tank hopeful was someone who looked like he just stepped out of a Miami Vice episode, with a prominent chest full of hair peeking through an open collared shirt, who had a product called “Bear Back.” His invention suction cupped to the shower wall so you could rub-a-dub against it, the way a bear scratches against a tree in the woods. I was impressed with his ingenuity if not his execution, as the prototype looked like it had survived a mauling.

Janice's thumbs up gave me extra confidence.

Janice’s thumbs up gave me extra confidence.

Overall it was an amazing experience. You literally had less than a minute to sell yourself to a casting director. I hope Mindy, who used to be a bartender, liked Perfekt Pass Trays™! For better or worse, I know I made an impression when I reached to pick up the Tina tray and accidentally threw it on the floor. I scooped it up with a huge smile, a little laugh and said, “See, still perfekt!”

It was a real roller coaster high, to wait all day to pitch your product, only to be done in 60 seconds! It was also strangely anticlimactic – when it was finally over, you simply walked out of the interview tent and passed the other hopefuls, leaving all your own hopes with one person.

Big or small, if you have an idea go and audition. It will be one of the most interesting days of your life, that I promise. Hopefully, you will see Perfekt Pass Trays™ on Shark Tank at some point in the future. Regardless, getting to spend the day with so many passionate entrepreneurs was a wonderful experience.